"A picture is worth a thousand... DOLLARS!"

We have all heard the old saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words” but when it comes to real estate marketing in today's world photographs make a huge difference in how quickly your property sells. In today's real estate marketing "a picture is worth a thousand dollars!" This is your property's FIRST SHOWING and that's why excellent photography is so critical; it's makes all the difference when buyers are browsing listings to see which ones they want to drive to for a better look. Long gone are the days of walking into a real estate office and asking, “Hey, what’s for sale around here?” We no longer pull out a three-ringed binder, full of grainy black and white pictures of listings. Today, home buyers sit conveniently  in the comfort of their homes or access listings from their phones to sort through available properties. That's why good photography is critical when it comes to marketing your home. 

I so often see poorly taken photos of listings in my area which I assume are taken by the listing agent and wonder why those sellers chose to work with that agent. If I were selling my home, especially in today's online market, I would want it portrayed online in its best light, wouldn't you? That's why I invested in high quality DSLR camera. I take my own professional style, high resolution photos. This is good news to the sellers who hire me because that means I don't have to increase my commission to cover the cost of hiring an expensive professional photographer. 



This is how I take photos for listings...

Clear, high definition, (unedited) professional style photos which are shown here smaller than they appear online to save space. These are just a few of the 100+ photos I took of this listing

(Click on each image if you'd like to see how the full size image was shown to buyers.)

This listing received 9 offers in one week!