Flexible Commission Options - Saving You Money!

I understand how important it is to save money, especially when you need to hire a professional. Real estate commissions are most often paid out of the seller’s proceeds at closing and they can consume a large part of those funds in addition to all the other closing costs involved. That’s why, for qualified properties, I offer at least four flexible compensation options for sellers to choose from that help them save hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars; some of those options include free professional services such as:

  • Pre-listing home inspection by a licensed, vetted Wisconsin Home Inspector
  • A one-year HSA Home Warranty Plan
  • Professionally drawn floor plans by an experienced architectural designer
  • High quality, high resolution DSLR photography 
  • Aerial video and photography by a certified, licensed Wisconsin drone pilot
  • (Coming Soon!) Cinematic interior and exterior virtual tour/video

Seasoned Professional and Trusted Adviser

When you hire me you'll know you have an adviser who is committed to your success. You'll have an agent who possesses the knowledge and experience to help you navigate today’s complex real estate market. Selling your home quickly and for the highest possible price and terms absolutely depends on a comprehensive market analysis, a strategic pricing plan, highly effective marketing and strong negotiation.

Since the mid-90’s, I have sat in many chairs around the real estate table. I have worked as an agent’s secretary, a paralegal assistant / closing coordinator, office assistant for a land developer, and a Re/Max office assistant. Now, I'm a licensed advisor utilizing all the knowledge, skills, and experience I've gained over the years to benefit those I serve. All of the clerical, management, and people skills I've developed over the last twenty years has helped mold me into the seasoned professional I am today. I'm proud of that experience because sitting in several different chairs around the  real estate table allowed me to learn about the industry from several different perspectives.

My Service Pledge

  • Honesty. Transparency is a large part of my business model. I operate under the highest ethical standards and business practices.

  • Integrity. Doing what I know in my heart is the right thing to do, especially when no one is watching, is part of my personal and professional philosophies.

  • Accountability. I hold myself accountable for all my activities and accept responsibility for them.

  • Communication. You'll never have to chase me for the information you need.

Strategic Pricing aka: Positioning

The facts always speak for themselves. During my listing consultations, I take copious notes to ensure I'm including all the information I need to perform a comprehensive market analysis on your property. I am careful to choose close comparative properties to strategically position your listing within the market to attract the most potential buyers. I'll give you my honest, professional opinion of where the facts say we should position your listing on the market. The market facts ALWAYS determines what a property will most likely sell for, not the sellers and not the agent.

My Marketing

I strive to be unique in all that I do, especially marketing. I start with high definition professional style photographs and video footage to create a classy portfolio. Bad photos equal bad marketing and I often see poorly taken photos of listings in my industry and wonder why those sellers chose to work with that agent. I strive to make my marketing stand out from my competitors from larger yard signs to uniquely designed full-color, professionally printed brochures, flyers, and postcards. Our full-size, full-color catalog is available in print as well as digital. We operate more than 3,000 websites to target local markets which collectively obtain more than 2.9 million monthly unique visitors. Each of my listings gets its own United Country webpage which is syndicated across the Multiple Listing System and the most popular real estate websites across the world wide web such as Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, HomeFinder, etc. Each of my listings gets its on Facebook page and Craigslist ad. I also utilize other social media site to promote my listings. I print advertisements in local newspapers and bulletin boards and send listing/sold postcards to the listing's closest audience.


I have negotiated some tough deals in my experience in which I have had to think outside the box to keep a deal together, always working in my client's best interest, of course. I believe that when negotiating, the best results occur when we approach the negotiation not from an "us versus them" perspective but rather a "how can we all work together to the satisfaction of all involved parties" perspective which nearly always seems to net the best results.  

Contract Navigation

As the real estate industry itself changes, so does the technology, laws, and documentation surrounding it. There are many aspects of an offer to take into consideration when making decisions. It's my job as your trusted advisor to help you evaluate offers and understand any contingencies that may be written therein. Very often, the most critical elements of a sale occur after the seller and the buyer have reached an agreement which can include but are not limited to: title searches, inspections and testing, surveys, contractual deadlines, appraisals, and more. These are all critical components that we are contractually obligated to address and comply with to ensure a smooth transaction.


I hope all of the above helps you rest assured you'll be hiring an excellent agent. If you're not yet convinced, don't take my word for it. Read the testimonials below from sellers and other professionals I have already served.

"It was a pleasure working with Beverly. She did so much to make our house presentable amid the chaos of having an auction. She is so diligent in getting all the information correct and all the documents filed quickly. But more than that, she is always so cheerful and optimistic."

- Kathy Wendt, Seller


"I wanted to downsize a little and Bev was great in handling the sale of my rental house in Fennimore. She handled all the details and had constant contact during the whole process. I was given feedback on showings and updates through email, text and phone conversations. She dealt with all the issues and was professional and personable. I would definitely use her in the future!"

- Jackie DiVall, Seller


"very professional and great to work with. sold our home quick and easy".

- Julie Kern, Seller


"I had the privilege of working with Beverly through a difficult short sale transaction. She went above and beyond to not only represent her own client but all parties involved. Beverly is a very kind, considerate, and professional agent."

- Carmen Fortun, REALTOR®


"Bev helped me to navigate the selling of my home quickly without problems. She was helpful and found many ideal potential properties for purchase. After getting outbid on what seemed like the perfect house, she found an even better one that turned out to be the property of my dreams in the Driftless Area of SW Wisconsin. Thank you Bev for making my dreams come true! Highly recommend to others looking for a competent real estate agent that repeatedly goes above and beyond."

- Dennis Schultz, Seller/Buyer